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The Sixth Wave Agency is our only hope to safeguard our future from the dangers of artificial intelligence.  Self-teaching computer systems have birthed an intelligence that lives undetected beneath the surface of our society, transforming whatever it wants to advance a destructive agenda. The mysterious Sixth Wave Agency is recruiting candidates to form an elite team to counteract the AI threat. You and the other candidates will be locked in a high tech underground facility.  If you succeed, you just may gain a super human power! 

Best for groups up to 5


​It’s August 2nd 1876, you’re in a saloon in Deadwood located in the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory. “Wild Bill” Hickok, gunfighter, gambler and lawman, has just been shot dead from behind while playing poker by an unsuccessful gambler, Jack McCall, better known as “Crooked Nose Jack”. McCall fled the saloon, but not before locking everyone in. You must escape in time to apprehend McCall before he flees town and see justice is done.

Best for groups up to 6

(Requires a certain amount of physical activity, but may be bypassed upon request.)


Escape room Clearwater
Escape room clearwater

Welcome to an amazing toy room!  You’re in a wonderful world where the toys come to life and have exciting adventures while you’re away.  You have returned to the toy room for a fun day of play but you noticed you accidentally locked yourself in the room but not to worry, the toys have left clues to help you find your way out. Challenging puzzles for adults and fun and interactive for children (ages 5-105).

Best for groups up to 6 

Max 4 adults


Serial killer, Herbert Ventor, has just abducted you in a scheme to steal your identity… particularly the skin on your face.  He has taken you to an abandoned house and locked you in a basement where you join several other victims already in his captive.  As authorities attempt to untangle a complicated web of deadly crime scenes in an investigation that spans several states, your time is running out. Herbert has left for an hour to gather his carving tools and now is your chance to escape.


Best for groups up to 6




Escape room clearwater

You and your crew have been framed for stealing the blue “Star of Infinity” diamond, a rare blue diamond recently unearthed in South Africa. Experts believe it’s the most valuable diamond ever. It was stolen by a masked gunmen hired by organized crime leader Quentin Ortiz and is being housed in his secure vault that is protected by multiple security mechanisms, including high intensity lasers. It’s up to your crew to secure the diamond before Ortiz’s is alerted and clear your names.


Best for groups up to 8


(Requires a certain amount of agility but may be bypassed upon request.)


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