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Striving to bring you the safest entertainment around! 

While we always strive to maintain the highest standards when it comes to cleaning and maintaining, we're taking it even further. 

Here are some of the protocols we have set in place for COVID-19:


  1. Contactless check in: Registration and waiver link will be sent prior to arrival. 

  2. Reduced groups: One group in the lobby at a time and reduced rooms running. 

  3. Social Distancing: Escape Thrill Staff will stay 6 feet away from guests.

  4. Private games:  During this time, it will only be your party in the room. 

  5. Room reset: After each game we fog the air with disinfectant and sanitize high touch points. 

  6. No in-game actors: We have no live actors that are in game. It will always just be your party. 

  7. Hygiene: Access to hand sanitizer and handwashing facilities before and after the games.

  8. Frequent cleaning cycle:  Beginning of day and end of day cleaning cycles for deep sanitized cleaning of all rooms and common areas. 

Escape Thrill maintains a high level of commitment to our staff, guests, and the larger community. We will continue to monitor sources such as the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO). 


With all our efforts and the furthered support of our awesome team, we feel confident that we are doing all we can to provide the safest entertainment around!


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