Choose Escape Thrill for your next team building event! Escape rooms require teamwork, communication and delegation as well as critical thinking, attention to detail and lateral thinking. Experience teamwork like never before! Explore the benefits of hosting team building exercises at Escape Thrill.


Escape Thrill activities require communication, innovative thinking, and collaboration to successfully problem solve unique challenges.  These team building activities help employees build trust, communicate more effectively and better understand each members' personal strengths.  Employees learn to work together more effectively, increasing efficiency and productivity. 

Escape room activities take employees out of their normal environment and give them out-of-the-ordinary tasks to perform.  This empowers employees to think creatively and use their imagination to accomplish tasks.  It also sends the message to employees that their creativity is welcome in the workplace.  These creative problem-solving skills transfer back to the workplace.  


When employees succeed in escape room activities, they become more confident, which boosts their motivation. Their commitment to team building activities demonstrates that the business is willing to invest in their success. Employees are more motivated when they gain trust in their fellow employees and feel confident that their work as a team will be recognized and appreciated.

Escape room team building events are great for all work force industries. We can accommodate large or small private events that can be for an hour or for the entire day.

We can also plan a two day team building retreat complete with guest speakers and catering.

We can customize your event to your needs.

We do the work, you bring your team. 

Let us bring the 

Thrill to you.


Up to 100 Participants at your location - Split into groups, all playing at the same time!

“Trusted By Top Companies”


Escape rooms involve introducing problems that team members have to solve together. The problem solving skills that they practice in an escape room can transfer into the workplace. Through the activities, team members gain the skills that let them identify barriers to accomplishing goals and come up with ways to overcome those barriers. Escape rooms give employees ways to solve problems together.


Give Your Employees A Team Building
Experience They Will Never Forget!

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