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Bringing the adventures outdoors..

Escape Thrill has hidden "gold nugget" rocks with keyhole marks. We've hid them in area parks. You may find them in the grass or in a tree, you never know where they might be! So search high and search low and if you find one a code you'll know. 
Then, if you solve the puzzle below you see, you can come escape for free!
Find a lucky gold nugget rock and look for it's unique code on the back and a message that says You Win!. Then solve the puzzle below and add it's 4 digit solution to the code on the back of the rock to get a unique promotion code for a free admission!  Enter the promotion code during your advance online booking. You MUST bring the rock in for admission.  


You must present your rock upon admission! 

*One free admission per booking, max two free admissions per room.


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